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"Combining off-kilter jazz improvisation with comedic performance art, this Boston-based ensemble offers up a rollicking pastiche of musical skits and gamelike exercises. Much of the material probably works better in person: The complex vocal interplay of a scene called “The Man From the Music,” for example, is nearly incomprehensible without visual cues. But the instrumental tracks have a delightfully skewed aesthetic, and the Quartet’s impression of a radio tuning in stations at random is just plain funny."
-Forrest Dylan Bryant Jazz Times

leonardo digital reviews

"Watching Roberge and Stone act out their skits with the help of the occasional monster mask or lame prop while playing saxophones is a bizarre experience at first, a bit like being a part of someone's manic episode, but once you go with it, you'll be taken on a journey where anything is possible....... If the zany antics of The Quartet of Happiness can open the world of music and theatre to our children and inspire their teachers then it is indeed a welcome change."
-Kathryn Adams, Leonardo Digital Reviews


"The Quartet of Happiness may not be known in jazz circles quite yet, but the ability shown during all eight of these tracks should raise a few eyebrows."
-S/T Neufutur


"The alto and tenor saxophonists duel or harmonize quite well. The band combines a playful mix of improvisation and carefully rehearsed material. There are surreal/comical multi-part dialogue sections with costume changes, funny hats and masks."
-George Parsons, Dream Magazine

"It's dreadful, it makes me want to cry."
-Kelly's Grandmother

"The Quartet of Happiness is a visual and audio experience. They are creative, entertaining and full of surprise. You have to check them out!"
-Jerry Bergonzi, Internationally acclaimed saxophonist

"The kids and I had a great time and learned a lot."
-Steve Shanley, Director of Bands, Cedar Rapids Washington High School

"...they came to our school and immediately began to dessimate everything in sight. They tried to beat up our students, but failed, because they were all just a bunch of wusses..."
-Bob Washut, Associate Professor of Jazz Studies, UNI

"There are times at tonight's QUARTET OF HAPPINESS show that you might be tempted to shout, "Shut up and play!" Which wouldn't be true if the quartet (two saxophones, bass, drums) didn't play so well. Their collages of spoken-word satires, stylistic pastiches, and agit-prop assaults cover everything from the state of radio (AM talk and FM jazz) to jazz intellectuals and the schoolyard bully. The music is a technically daunting blend of spot-on bebop, rock and funk rhythms, and fiendish avant-skronk arrangements that require air-tight precision. If these guys just talked to talk, it wouldn't matter — but they execute!"

-Jon Garelick, The Boston Phoenix


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